Our Journey to Discovering Wellness

Like most wonderful surprises, Natty West just sort of happened. Owners Hannah and Jen needed a name to encompass the sprouting collection of lovely things we wanted to share with family and friends. The name came to us long before we organized a business, but stuck with us as we tinkered around with ideas and finds.  

Mabel & Rose began in the midst of our hunt for clean and safe fragrance items for our homes. We have always loved candles and diffusers, but were too allergy sensitive to enjoy most store bought items. We were primarily using only pure, high quality essential oils to experience some aromatherapy. So, our search evolved into looking for safe scents and candle components that we could combine ourselves. After testing and pouring, pouring and testing, we came up with some beautiful combinations. So lovely in fact, that we began offering the candles as a fundraising opportunity for a local non-profit. That venture was far more successful than we expected and so, we began to produce more products for sale and wholesale. With the onset of CoVid, home and cut off, we were starved for the opportunity to be creative. A frustrating and unusual time became a perfect opportunity to expand our brand and see new ideas take shape. Now, Mabel & Rose has branched out from candles into diffusers, soaps, hard lotions and colognes and other items for the home. All clean, safe, phthalate free, and enjoyed by many environmentally sensitive people!

Bliss Organics and Elevate CBD products were born out of a desire to see our family, friends and pets treated to the benefits of CBD without the addition of THC, solvents and chemicals. It took almost two years to see this project come to fruition, but we are so pleased to offer you an organic and third party tested product that is safe, consistent and effective. Our quality of product is so pure that even our Equine line is human grade, and many customers purchase Elevate for their own use! (contact us to learn more about pricing and product options).

Natty West also offers fresh Eucalyptus, Succulent starts and Air Plant Terrariums. These beautiful additions to your home are easy to care for and add so much serenity to any space. 

You can find Natty West products at local outdoor markets and fairs, as well as our area Retail Vendors! Please subscribe to our newsletter, on the Home page, to find locations and times.