Event Planning Services

Event Planning & Decor Consultation

If you aren't sure what kind of services would work best for your event, a free, 30 minute consultation is just what you need.  Talk to our planner one on one, ask questions, and get a taste of what our planning service could do for you.

Day-of Coordination

For the person who has already figured out the details, but needs someone to manage it all on the day of the event.  This service starts will a $100 retainer, which secures your date and also pays for 5, 30 minute planning sessions prior to the day of the event.  In these sessions you can expect to work out details, set expectations, and have the ability to ask for advice.  On the day of the event, an additional $20/hour will be charged.

Full-Service Wedding Planning

This service is best for couples who want someone to  help make decisions and take actions on their behalf, to assist in their wedding planning including event design, hiring vendors, and managing your budget as well as coordinating your ceremony, rehearsal and events the day-of the wedding.  This service will start with a $1000 retainer, and will follow with $20/hour on the day of the wedding.

Custom/Pro Rata Event Service

If your event doesn't fit into any of these categories, we can design a custom planning service for you. All day of services will carry the rate of $20/hour, however, retainers may vary in price based on the complexity of the event.